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Beginners Meditation With Crystals

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Meditating with crystals is a very simple but very effective way to enhance your healing your well-being and your life in general. I've been using crystal healing meditation for years now and I've definitely seen the benefit in my emotional healing even my physical healing. Using crystals in your meditation is basically a way to add extra energy into your practice, it allows the energy of your crystals to flow into your energy while you're in your most receptive state which is during a meditation. If the crystals all have different energies that they contain and therefore they're all good for different things so you need to make sure that you choose the right crystals to begin with.

Once you have the right crystals using them in your meditation is very simple actually but so effective so all you want to do is your normal meditation practice whatever that looks like for you. Hold your crystal in your hand and once you've been meditating for a couple of minutes and you feel like you're in your zone, you're grounded, you're centered, your mind has stopped racing and you're ready to receive the energy of your crystals all you want to do is start to bring your awareness to the crystal in your hands so think about what it looks like the color of it the shape of it and then what it feels like in your hand.

Bring your awareness to the size and texture of it for a couple of minutes and then what you want to do is start to imagine the energy on that crystal flowing into your hand and up through your arm and then all throughout your entire body from head to toe. Take your time with this, do that for a few minutes and really try to visualize the energy moving all throughout your body. Visualize that you are now emanating the same energy that your crystal emanates. The more that you do this practice the more you'll tune in to your crystals and the more you will feel their energy each time you do it. I hope this is helpful, I wish you health, wealth, and higher vibrations.


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