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Crystal Cleansing Orb

There are so many options to choose from to clean your crystals. Bury them in the backyard? Bury them in salt, but what kind and for how long? A full moon, but it's cloudy out, oh and my crystals have been sitting on my ledge for a week, completely forgotten about. Smudging to the rescue. Yes! All 20 of my stones, one at a time, but for how long? Tomorrow, I'll definitely do it tomorrow. Sound familiar? Now you can clean your loose stones, jewelry, and accessories all at once. 

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All Crystals Are Ethically Sourced


Crystals Are Picked With Great Care


Positive Intentions Are Set Into Each Product Before Shipping

Our Manifested Vision

With one vision in mind, empowering everyone in creating the life you truly desire motivates us to build and establish Manifested Realities. We have a deep passion for manifesting with crystals, and it is our goal to serve and help others who have a similar interest and passion for manifesting their lives using crystals.


People have been wearing crystals for thousands of years to transform all aspects of their lives, from love and romance to wealth and abundance to increased insight and intuition. Crystals have always been more than just a status symbol—they've been a source of power that aids the possessor in making their deepest desires a reality. 

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